Monday, October 10, 2011

Listen to Your Mama!!!

     I found myself repeating phrases over and over this weekend, occasionally through gritted teeth.  These phrases almost ooze out of my pores onto the minions because I say them so often to their semi-listening ears and rolled eyes.  I was about to yell, "I would stop saying this stuff if you all would just do it already!!!" (Yes, I was definitely about to say it in a three exclamation point kind of way.) Then, it dawned on me, the things I was saying over and over to the minions are the very same things that could change the world if only grown ups would do them too.  So here goes, a list of the 10 phrases that my children and the rest of the world ignore, that could make life better for everyone:

  1. I'm going to need you to use kind words and gentle hands.
  2. You're going to be bored with your stuff in about 10 minutes, you'll be much happier if you just learn to share.
  3. People are a lot more likely to do what you want if you ask them politely.
  4. God (and your parents,) provides everything you need, no promises about everything you want.
  5. I don't care what anyone else is doing, you are going to take responsibility for yourself and your stuff!
  6. You'll never get people to see your side by yelling, bullying or hitting.
  7. Every living thing has a purpose and deserves respect. (said when I put spiders outside and when they want to pull leaves/limbs off trees.)
  8. What makes you think you should get more stuff when you aren't taking care of what you have? 
  9. No one says you have to like your family, (one could substitute neighbor here,) but you are required to love them.
  10. God made him/her, are you sure you want to treat him/her that way?

     I certainly don't claim that any of these are my own ideas, some not even my own words, but they are certainly the stand-by's at our house.  Funny how much deeper they are when applied globally.  So there you go, folks, listen to your mama and you might just change the world:)


  1. @ Shell, who knew? I'm the Dalai Mama! Bwah ha ha ha! Thanks for stopping in:)

  2. Oh, this is hilarious!!! LOL I say the same things to my boys. Although half of that is advice I could use too.
    And yes, I agree, my baby sister is awesome. *grin*

  3. You're right, if adults followed these sayings as well everything would be much better! - Bicultural Mama

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Maria, you're post today is still haunting me. My husband laughs and tells me that I have single handedly tried to adopt every child in need in the world (he's not far from wrong) but I think having been a foster parent and adoptive parent of children has given me a sense that every one of them belongs to me a little. Oh how my heart aches for them and fears for our world when our culture is cold and ignores them.